Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Fractions! Part 2

Tuesday: Brazil Writing

Hi Kolotita me and jeyda miss you we hope
you can come next time we are Rhino and
Brazil eating at this nice restaurant we are
about to go and Swim the pool is soo cool
i think you will like it when you come  i
Wish you can come it will be soooo cool
if you here but i hope you are ok and i can’t
wait for you to come the food is soo good.
me and jeyda  will get you something we
miss you bye 

The end 

Tues: Response to text

Response to text: Food                (Highlight the correct answer)

1. Which of these foods are not a regular in Brazilian’s diets?

a) Meat b) Taro
c) Rice d) Beans

2. At what meal times are a├žai bowls usually eaten at?

a) Breakfast b) Lunch
c) Dinner d) Dessert

3. How long can it take to make feijoada?

a) 24 minutes b) 24 days
c) 24 hours d) 2 hours

4. What ingredient is not used in brigadeiros?

a) Caramel b) Sweetened Condensed Milk
c) Butter d) Cocoa

5. What is considered the old-fashioned Southern way of barbecuing meat?

a) Charcoal b) Home barbecue
c) Wood d) Ashes

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