Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Tuesday: Writing Task

West Indian Manatee

WALT: use our senses to make our writing more interesting.

West Indian Manatees are known as the sea cows of the coast. Have you ever seen one before?

Task 1: Watch the video clip on the site. Make sure you watch carefully so you can see what West Indian Manatees look like..

Task 2: Brainstorm using some of your senses. What can you see/hear/feel if you were to ever see a West Indian Manatee? Think about the shape of the Manatee, what you think it’s skin might feel like. Take a note of its environment. What does a West Indian Manatee need to survive?

In this table, write the descriptive words that you would be able to see/hear/smell/touch/taste.
What can I see?
What can I hear?
What can I touch/feel?
What is in its environment?

Need some help? - make sure that you are using your own words… if you happen to find a word that you don’t know the meaning of, search what it means and then you can use them in your writing!

Task 3: Write a description about what a West Indian Manatee is. Keep in mind what needs to be in its environment

Start writing here:
On a Beautiful   Sunrise  me and my
friend’s Kolotita, Jeyda and Emeline  Wanted to go to swim
with some West Indian Manatee. We all said yes we were all
happy.the next day we all got 
    our swimming togs and we put them on . Then we got Went 
 our way to the water. We could already see
some West Indian Manatee.  We could hear a nice
breeze going through our hair with some beautiful
splashing noise by the waves coming through the tide.
I could feel the cold water with the seaweed under my
toes. While we were swimming with the West Indian
Manatee I felt a light touch to my arm under the water.
then I tried to hold my breath and go under the water
to see what it was, and what I saw was amazing to look
at. It was a West Indian Manatee touching my arm.
Then when I got back up to the top of the water I saw
that  Kolotita and  Jeyda and Emeline already had a
friend which was a West
Indian Manatee.we were all happy but
after Swimming with them we had to
go because I was getting dark we were
all sad but were all Coming back
Tomorrow so were said bye 
The end 


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